ECO Technologies awarded major tailings dredging contract in Brazil !

ECO Technologies – through its Brazilian subsidiary “ECO Minas Dragagens Ltda.” – has been awarded a major tailings dredging service contract with a world-class iron ore mining company (not to be named as per confidentiality agreement).

ECO Team - assessing SOW
Above: ECO Technologies Ltée & ECO Minas Dragagens Ltda teams assessing the site and related Scope of Work (Image courtesy of ECO Technologies Ltée)

“After much time & energy invested to establish our expertise and services as an added value to their supply chain, we are extremely pleased to announce that our subsidiary – ECO Minas Dragagens Ltda. (based in Belo Horizonte) – has entered into a significant tailings dredging service contract with one of the largest miners operating in Brazil.” – said Mr. Marc Maurice, President of ECO Technologies.

Located in the State of Minas Gerais, Belo Horizonte is Brazil’s sixth largest city, and widely considered as the country’s mining capital as it is surrounded by a large number of mining operations, such as iron ore, gold and a variety of other metals and gemstones. As these mining operations create vast expanses of tailings dams, these impoundments inevitably require maintenance (by means of dredging) to ensure that the minimum required capacity levels are met. What’s more, some of these tailings ponds also hold economic potential for the owners hoping to recapture valuable materials discarded during previous, and less efficient, processing operations.

ECO Technologies is currently in the final stages of planning the operation with the client and expects to begin operations onsite in September of this year.