Preventive Ice Breaking & Spring Flood Mitigation

Eastern Canada’s only flood mitigation experts

We’ve perfected a unique solution to a very northern problem. Severe and often erratic winter conditions demand smart
preventive measures. ECO Technologies specializes in creating custom strategies for communities that wish to mitigate the
impact of spring thaw and the potential flooding that can occur due to ice jams.

Protect your community

Communities throughout Eastern Canada rely on us annually to create and deliver intervention plans that save homes, valuable infrastructure and potentially even lives.

Save millions in disaster relief costs

An ounce of prevention truly is worth a pound of cure. Our preventive ice breaking operations can save your community millions of dollars in relief, legal fees and insurance premiums.


Our skilled team draws on decades of experience with ice breaking interventions by using amphibious
excavators to deftly maneuver along waterways, breaking thick ice into smaller chunks that can flow
down river, thus minimizing the potential for ice jams and associated flooding.


We’ve built an international reputation for providing dependable, versatile solutions that
protect aquatic ecosystems, while keeping projects on time and on budget.

Let us know what matters most to you.