Mine Tailings Dredging & Industrial Lagoons Dredging

Up to 75% higher efficiency than conventional dredging

Tailings ponds often reach capacity and threaten to disrupt both the local environment and your production. We help mitigate your immediate need for a new – and costly – infrastructure solution by evaluating your situation and providing options that will extend the life of your pond, saving you time, money, and additional environmental assessments.


Protect uptime

Our dredges have a minimal impact on your day to day operations, keeping you stress-free to keep things running smoothly.

Reduce operating costs

Our equipment produces a slurry with up to 75% higher solids content, meaning less water for you to treat afterward. Also no cranes are typically required for setup.

Avoid environmental shutdowns

Don’t risk your productivity being interrupted by environmental regulations. Our team can mobilize and remediate potential hazards quickly and efficiently.


Our versatile fleet of hybrid dredges & amphibious excavators help minimize environmental impacts.
ECO Technologies is known as an industry leader for our ability to displace large volumes of slurry
with a high solid-to-liquid ratio.

We’ve been delivering economic, efficient, and environmentally safe solutions for water-based interventions for decades. Our specialized focus means we can offer you expertise and equipment that is unparalleled.


We’ve built an international reputation for providing dependable, versatile solutions that
protect aquatic ecosystems, while keeping projects on time and on budget.

Let us know what matters most to you.