Operational Support & Infrastructure Projects

Protect your investment and the environment

Infrastructure projects that occur on or near watercourses offer complicated operational challenges and risks. We offer
customized operational support services, including trenching and positioning for underwater pipelines and cables, stabilizing
river banks, assisting with inspection, demolition or repair of bridge structures, and more.

Underwater pipeline and cables

Channel trenching prior to installation and assisting in positioning, laying, and burying assets

Bridge work

Keeping piers and barges clear of ice, assisting in inspection, demolition, or repair of bridge structures, stabilizing waterfront embankments, and dredging problematic areas for large barges to maneuver safely

Material removal

Removal, repositioning and replacement of industrial water intakes and removing accumulated silt from water intake perimeter


We have decades of expertise in perfecting agile eco-solutions that protect the environment by
minimizing the footprint of our operations. Our team includes many former career fishermen who
understand the risks and the reality of working on the water.


We’ve built an international reputation for providing dependable, versatile solutions that
protect aquatic ecosystems, while keeping projects on time and on budget.

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