Marine Dredging (Marinas, Wharfs & Navigation Channels)

Livelihoods depend on open waterways

Protecting access to marine waterways is crucial for environmental, cultural, recreational, and financial pursuits. Often these navigation channels become blocked by sand and silt churned up by severe weather. We offer a diverse range of dredging options, including side-casting, hydraulic suction, removal of sediment to a temporary containment cell, and other conventional methods which can quickly and safely restore accessibility.

Protect accessibility

Keep navigation channels open for fishing and leisure vessels. Our equipment is extremely nimble and efficient with day to day minimal impact so you won’t have to close infrastructure.

Ensure safety

Cleaning berths secures vessels from thousands in damage by becoming beached on sand or silt that has been displaced by severe storms.


Our operators provide efficient, reliable results that our clients depend upon each season. Many of our
team members are former career fishermen who understand the often harsh realities of working in
coastal environments. They are experienced on the water and are dedicated to maintaining safe
passage ways for everyone.


We’ve built an international reputation for providing dependable, versatile solutions that
protect aquatic ecosystems, while keeping projects on time and on budget.

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