Environmental Remediation & Aquatic Habitat Restoration

Protecting our aquatic ecosystems must be a priority for all. Lakes, rivers, streams and marshes are irreplaceable filters for our water supply. These bodies of water support flora and fauna, including fish, fowl, and mammals. Contact with aquatic habitats is inevitable, as are impacts to the environment. You can depend on us to help you mitigate those interactions.

Restore aquatic environments by removing contaminated sediment, invasive vegetation, and debris. Our fleet of amphibious excavators (hybrid dredges) offer a safe alternative to excavation-style interventions by minimizing the impact of human presence.


Our hybrid dredges exert little to no ground pressure (similar to a boat). They also operate on
biodegradable hydraulic fluid (a special blend of oleic vegetable oils). Our dredges can switch from a
dredging/pumping operation to excavating very quickly, minimizing the need for secondary
equipment. They boast highly efficient proprietary-designed bucket dumps that generate minimal
turbidity and can handle dense materials. We can harvest excess and/or invasive vegetation (which
impedes water flow and available oxygen) and bring the material to land for disposal. We also utilize
geotextile bags to store and dewater contaminated materials.


We’ve built an international reputation for providing dependable, versatile solutions that
protect aquatic ecosystems, while keeping projects on time and on budget.

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